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PPL Plattekill Public Library (en Inglés) 
Una biblioteca para el nuevo milenio 

Los Sitios Web Federales en Español

firstgov.gov en Espanol

El servicio de traducción más rápido en la red.  ¡Y es gratis!

FreeTranslation.com es un sitio fácil de usar para una traducción rápida. Puede obtener el sentido general de un texto y de páginas web en un idioma extranjero.

EVEN START  Asociacion Familiar de Lectura.     Es gratis y confidencial.

Proposito: EVEN START es un programa que lo ayudara a conectar con los servicios de la comunidad Tambien le dara educacion a sus ninos. 

Contact: EVEN STARTUlster County BOCES-  Ellenville- 647-1343  or 
                                               YWCA of Ulster County- Kingston- 338-2042

This site includes lots of content in Spanish helpful to recent arrivals unfamiliar with the complex U.S. immigration system.. www.immigration-usa.com/spanish.html

This free service includes lots of drilling and question-and-answer exercises, complete with audio. It's at www.EnglishPractice.com.

Learn Spanish - http://www.studyspanish.com/
A free, online tutorial for learning Spanish. Each lesson includes a cultural lesson both in English and Spanish (many with links to additional resources), practice exercises, and a test. Words in the lessons and the cultural files are linked to sound files so you can hear the correct pronunciation (requires the free Real Player plug-in). There are useful links including a list of Spanish language newspapers and radio stations as well as a list of schools for further study. Also has a list of the top ten phrases that don't translate well and a random idiom generator.
Directorio Global Net en Español - http://www.dirglobal.net/
Spanish language WWW subject directory.
En Espanol - http://www.enespanol.com/
En Español is a visually stunning window on the Spanish-speaking world, extending from Hispanic U.S. to the Americas and Spain and beyond. Some features are bilingual, but the majority are solely in Spanish, and there are extensive links to Spanish language newspapers (and CNN in Spanish) as well as to cultural sites featuring foods and festivals.

YUPI - http://www.yupi.com/
Yahoo! for Spanish speakers. Searchable index of Spanish language Web sites, mostly Latin America.
Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents - http://public.csusm.edu/campus_centers/csb/
See especially the searchable database of more than 2,000 recommended books in Spanish for children and adolescents published around the world. Site is available in English and Spanish.
Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student - http://www.umr.edu/~amigos/Virtual/
A good Spanish language tutorial that begins with pronunciation and continues through all the basic elements of grammar in more than fifty modules. Also available are bilingual sentences from several novels. This was created by the Spanish club at the University of Missouri.

Bilingual Patient Education Materials - http://www.ncfh.org/resources/pateduc/pateduc.html
Provides materials in English and Spanish on teen sex, family planning, healthy eating, high blood pressure, skin emergencies, work injuries, diabetes, dental care, the effect of alcohol on children, and stress reduction. "This portfolio of low literacy, bilingual presentations was developed for use as a patient education tool to supplement and enhance existing teaching methods in migrant health centers and in outreach programs."

PLUS: Public Libraries Using Spanish 
A useful site for libraries serving Spanish-speaking patrons. Side-by-side English and Spanish translations of library card applications, brochures, policy statements, signage text, press releases, and news articles. Includes a bilingual directory of library vocabulary; articles discussing tips for hiring and recruitment for workplace diversity, and outreach and public relations for Spanish-speaking library users; a link to Reforma (ALA group promoting library services and careers for Spanish speakers), and other related print and electronic resources (including Web sites for Spanish users).

From Los Angeles Public Library:
Diccionario Anaya de la Lengua
Leading newspaper from Mexico City.
LAPL's Explorando la Red
La Jornada
Leading paper from Mexico City, a voice of Independent Thought.
El Norte
Daily from Monterrey, California.
El Pais
Major paper from Madrid.

From San José Public Library:

Biblioteca Latinoamericana Nuestra Biblioteca: La Biblioteca es un recurso de la ciudad de materiales del lenguaje español. Contiene mas de 30,000 artículos para todas las edades, incluyendo libros, periódicos, discos compactos, cassettes, y videos.

From Our Reference Page:


Bibliotecología & ciencias de la informacióne

La seleccion mas completa en libros en español

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